Sunday, 20 December 2015

Yvonne - A independent-cold person. But she has another side. (Future)

Who is Yvonne?

Appearance With blonde hair over her ears and a large shiny blue eyes, she is filled with curiosity and knowledge. Her skin is neither pale nor tanned. Her body is slender, but not too tall, who seems like blowing away by the wind.

Bio Born in a single family, she is being bullied when in primary and secondary school, making her cold, uncaring and unforgiving character. Although, she is, in her heart, open and free and caring, but was rule-bound and rigid by her previous teachers and classmates. She then progressed into the Academy of Space Engineering on Horizon, and she masters the use of remote control to control ships and AIs.(When she professes from the school she joineda honourable
company to work and saved enough money. She is now trying to buy a starship to free herself and born to be free.)[@ Minecraft Forum & RoleplayGateway] 
First Ship:
Andromeda,the[@ Minecraft Forum,RoleplayGateway]
4* Spectral Integral Overdrive M5600,Laser Decimator M2510(Left&Right), Railgun Overdrive Proxima Centauri M2540(Central Top),Differential Nano Linker M7800(Bottom Left& Right), Hyper-Warpdrive, Plasma Cannon M5000(Left&Right),Fusion Power Generator M6000,Jammer, Spaceminer M2700(mine resource/ drop resource in space, creating a minefield), 12* RechargeablePlasma Shield[@ Minecraft Forum & RoleplayGateway]
9 LyICDay^-1,Speedup:

15 Ly ICDay^-1:Hyperjump:30 Ly ICDay^-1[@ Minecraft Forum]

Andromeda,the(Centauri-class Warship)[@RpNation]
1.Don't go for tech-savvy data when playing future roleplays.You'll be questioned by physicists.(my solution:Atomic Rockets.**Use with caution.**).
I placed a depression on her as a twist. Her depression may begin at anytime.

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